The Body Imitates the Landscape is an interactive sound installation designed in the form of a playground which transforms music into vibrations felt through the entire body. Young, old, deaf and hearing people can all experience together the joy of physically listening to music in this electronic garden of sound.

The project was inspired by the Japanese book Karada, an essay by Michitaro Tada, about the ‘school of the body’.

Artist Adi Hollander created a sensory experience similar to the textual experience of reading the book:

“Every hearing and non-hearing person can experience music with their bodies, but hearing people mostly do not pay attention to the tactile sensations of vibrations. Considering my own hearing ‘limitations’, I created an interactive artwork that emphasizes the materiality of sound”

The audience rests their body on specially designed waterbeds that are embedded with speakers. Arranged like a Japanese garden, ripples of sound emanate audibly, physically and visually outward from these modules.  Claudio F Baroni has written an hour long piece for the MAZE ensemble wherein whispered voices become music, reflecting the intimate relation between audience, sound and object.

Adi Hollander